Villa Foscari // Symbolische Ruimte - design, Avans University of Applied Sciences, Malcontenta, Italy, 2009

For the last assignment of the course ‘symbolical space’, Palladio’s villa Foscari had to be expanded for a valuable and fragile book collection. The expansion should be able to house and offer conference space for 12 people. The expansion had to express a certain statement in relation to the original villa. The conceptual strength of the expansion had to be in balance with the symbolic value of the book collection.
To saver the value of the villa, tiles of 4 by 4 meters were spread out on the terrain of the villa. These tiles can be hinged so that they can be moved into an upright position to form separate spaces that are necessary to house 12 people and provide them with room to read. The occasional opening in the ceiling of the cubicles differentiates the sleeping space from the reading spaces.