Elegance: exploring local & fabric - workshop, 6th Concrete Design Competition, Dublin, Ireland, 2014
(in collaboration with Sarah Behrens, Dave O'Mahny & Lukas Specks)

The workshop for laureates of the 6th Concrete Design Competition – Elegance took place at University College Dublin from August 17 till August 23, 2014. The participants, all winners in their country of study, took on the challenge to investigate this cycle’s theme even further. After studying ‘Concrete, Elegance & Architecture’ through university projects and competition entries, they emerged into working hands-on with the material and supported by a score of experts, critics and lecturers.

The focused assignment asked for combining ‘Elegance’ with two more specific themes: ‘Local’ in which local raw materials as well as locality and context were expected to be explored, and ‘Fabric’ which dealt with topics ranging from tactility to fabric (flexible) formwork. All these topics had to be exploited and developed into a design for benches at the site of our host: University College Dublin.

In groups the students worked through discussions, sketches, models and actual concrete prototypes. Early in the week each group chose one of their proposals to produce into a scale 1:1 object. These were all placed and used on the premises at the end of the workshop.

Besides the facilities, materials and tools, the workshop was supported by key-note lecturers, Diederik Veenendaal, Gregor Zimmermann and Laurent Ney. Through their own designs and research they illustrated state-of-the-art concrete technologies, fabric formwork techniques and a series of fantastic structures. Local support from UCD and Cement Manufacturers Ireland took care of technical and practical support.

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Pictures © by bureaubakker – Jesse Meinesz
Video © by Mirjam Thomann