concrete workshop, MVRDV, 2014
(in collaboration with Jeroen Geerards, Wouter Habets, Thom Kuipers, Rick van der Veen & Jolijn Velberg)

Concrete models can have a significant impact on the experience of space and light. Therefore, to get a better understanding in working with this material, we reproduce six buildings of the Dutch architectural firm MVRDV during this workshop.
MVRDV was founded in 1993 by Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The office works on a global scale in providing solutions to contemporary architectural and urban issues.
In our workshop we have chosen the following projects to analyze: Celosia, Chungha building, Effenaar, Gyre, Parkrand and WOZOCO. I have made a 1:200 model of the WOZOCO building. This building was the first housing complex realized by MVRDV. The client, a large housing corporation, wanted 100 units for elderly people with a gallery type circulation. The units however did not fit the site in a acceptable way, so MVRDV were invited to solve the problem. At the first meeting, a half joking solution whereby the houses that would not fit inside the gallery block were glued to the outer side of the volume drew attention. The client saw the potential and so MVRDV make it work. (link)

Pictures © by Wouter Habets