graduation studio authority – analyse van het stadhuis, Eindhoven University of Technology, 2014
(in collaboration with Roland van Deelen, Rene Heuvelink, Ruud Heynen, Koen Hintzen, Bas Kikkers, Wieger Meijer, Rick Melchers, Jelmer van der Ploeg, Danny Schoester, Arjen Simonse)

For the graduation studio Authority, the relationship between society and architecture was explored through the development of a town hall. In this study, the focus was on the concept of authority and the way in which it is reflected into architecture and expressed by a) the typological, programmatic and building mass composition of town halls from different historical periods, and b) literary fiction from the corresponding period.
The historical periods that were studied include times when cities were autonomous entities (eg. Athens, Gouda, Florence, Amsterdam), but also times when the formation and development of nations affected the power of the cities (eg. Hamburg, Stockholm, Hilversum). The architectural analyses and essays of this assignment have been collected in a book. The book is a reflection of the initial phase of the research: the introduction to a design project for a new Dutch town hall.

Authority - analyse van het stadhuis - Deel A (NL)