denieuwegeneratie, Dutch Mountain // architectural engineering (production & parts) - study, Eindhoven University of Technology, 2014
(in collaboration with Jorn Kooijstra)

The details of a building can make the difference between an excellent or an average architectural design. The application of good constructional details enable the architect to translate and amplify the architectural concept of a design. In architecture different approaches in detailing are apparent. Although the same materials are used, there can be a lot of diversity in the way details are executed.

The first course assignment was to make a 1:1 scale model of a detail of a building you have chosen because of its quality of detail in relation to its architecture. Another part of this assignment was to write a text and make drawings about this building, relating it to the making of the building and, specifically, exploring the relation between this detail and the architecture of the building.
For our research, we wanted to find a detail that was unique in the way it was set up. We wanted to learn from it. When we found the Dutch Mountain we knew that there was a certain uniqueness to it, as the design at first sight looked like something we never saw before in Holland. When we investigated the design further our presumptions were confirmed. It was very special in the way the details were constructed.
The villa, Dutch Mountain, is designed by the Amsterdam based architectural firm denieuwegeneratie. Dutch Mountain was the first project of the design studio founded in 2008 and formed an important starting point for their following architectural designs.

    Picture © by John Lewis Marshall